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Olivier Theyskens has made his mark as an artistic director at Nina Ricci and Rochas. Riding the wave of success. Olivier Theyskens now designs for celebrities that include Madonna, Melissa auf der Mauer of the Smashing Pumpkins, Jennifer Aniston or Nicole Kidman. In 2010 he joined collaboration with New York-based label Theory to form Theyskens. The Belgian-born Parisian has injected his ubiquitous chic into everything from classic sharp tailored shirts and blazers to perfectly cut jeans.

He was born in Brussels on 4 January 1977 to a Belgian father and French mother. When he was young, Theyskens desperately wanted to be a girl, and was tormented by the fact that girls "got to be princesses and wear skirts." As a child, Theyskens' parents encouraged him to draw men and women in costumes and were not surprised when at the age of 7 years old, he proclaimed he wanted to "do haute couture". In October 1995, aged 18, Olivier Theyskens began attending the prestigious École Nationale Superieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre to study fashion design, but dropped out in 1997 to start his own label. His first collections were often referred to as "gothic extravaganzas" and were created from bed sheets that his grandmother gave to him.[1] Without sufficient financial support, he was forced to close his label. Despite this, sales of his line were surprisingly strong and as his friend Laetitia Crahay, Chanel's assistant costume jewelry designer, says, "I never worry for Olivier, because I think he's a winner.

Theyskens was brought to public attention when one of his dresses was worn by Madonna to the 1998 Academy Awards. In March 2003, he presents his first collection for Maison Rochas. In these fresh, delicate creations, he plays on themes and codes invented by Marcel Rochas chantilly lace, pink, the distinction of evening gowns, the sober elegance of tailored suits and adds his own modern touch with new volumes.
In 2006 Theyskens became artistic director at Nina Ricci, and his first line debuted in March 2007. Theyskens first show for the House of Nina Ricci established him as being somewhat wiser in a business perspective.He also takes part in numerous artistic events along the lines of the Belgian Fashion Designers exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology museum in New York. http://www.stylert.com/


Stand Tall

Longshot Apparel, a new online clothing retailer targeting the tall men’s market, has developed a groundbreaking blog about all things tall. The blog, specifically written for tall men, is appropriately called Stand Tall. The blog, an extension of the clothing brand, offers a fresh viewpoint on style, culture, sports and advice through the lens of tallness.

“When you’re tall people look at you differently and because of that you have a different perspective on the world,” says Chief Tall Guy Mark Tindall. “We felt that we owed it to our customers to create a place to talk about the good, the bad and sometimes ugly surrounding being a tall guy.”

While tall groups online offer support for some of the ills of being tall, Stand Tall takes the approach of that life being tall is pretty darn good. It celebrates the funny things that happen when people are 6 to 12-inches taller than most. Some of the blog posts include Height Stats of the NFL Quarterbacks, Tall Oscar Winners and Tall Dogs for Tall Men. Other posts include style advice on being tall, profiles on tall influencers in the arts, sports and business and stories of the “tall and ungainly” transforming to “tall and successful.”

“Most retailers offering tall product relegate being tall to another option in the drop down menu when you go to buy a shirt. That’s it really.” says Susan Clare, one of the three founding partners at Longshot Apparel. “Being tall is not an add-on, or another SKU in the product line – it’s a way of life, so that’s how we approach it on Stand Tall.”

Based in Seattle, Longshot was started by three former Microsoft, Adidas and Nike marketing executives and writers personally impacted by the lack of well-fitting shirts for tall, fit men. The company offers its products exclusively via their online store. “Isn’t it about time we start treating the tall, fit man with the respect he’s due?” says Tindall, who stands 6’3” tall.


Zed -Eye returns

Zed -Eye returns with a collection that reflects the liberation of the Twenties combined with the elegance of the Thirties, juxtaposed with the femininity and romance of the Fifties.

The flirting and courtship follows on from ‘Tribal Romance’. Fabrics and textures such as tweed and chiffon; cotton and silk combine in varying shades of blue to create exceptionally versatile and wearable pieces which puts a modern spin on the roaring Twenties, recession hit Thirties and retro Fifties.

This is another timeless collection set to amalgamate Zed-Eye’s exquisite designs and tailoring skills with fashion highlights from all 3 decades.

Celebrity Fans of the label include Kelis, Shingai (The Noisettes) and more.

The contrast in fabrics, texture and designs is a key concept that can be found in Zed Eye’s designs. Her new collection will be showcased during London Fashion Week at the LGN Events’ ‘A La Mode Catwalk Presentation’ on Sunday 20th of February 2011 at the Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand.
website www.zedeye.com